Tuesday, March 6, 2012


My new passion is knitting. I also found knitting socks to be fun and rewarding. I have been using a technique called "Magic Loop." and also knitting 2 at a time on that loop. It is rewarding, because I end up with 2 identical socks and I don't have to fight with those nasty Double Pointed Needles. (they are only nasty to me!)
Here is the latest pair I knitted for my mother in law. The pattern is called "Graphic" from Toe Up--Two at a Time by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn the magic loop method. These socks are made with Paton's Kroy FX sock yarn, with a color called "Clover" They are big on me, so I'm hoping they will fit Pam. She said her feet are a bit larger than mine. Keep your--toes--crossed. :)

Mr. Bathroom: Welcome to 2012...

Remember the '70's? Everything was bright, psychodellic. Glass bunches of grapes sat on every coffee table in America.
Our bathroom was modeled in the 70's I posted earlier the newspaper and carpet we found when we stripped the floor up and laid new tiles down. Now, it's time for the walls. Bright orange and yellow flowers sparkle and make the room look so dated.
I got out the primer paint and started covering those orange and yellow flowers. Oh, so white, but looking so much calmer. Today, I dropped the baby off at the babysitters so I could work undisturbed. I visited my favorite paint store (Sherwin Williams) and brought home a can of bathroom suitable paint in the color "Queen Anne's Lace." It took me over an hour to "cut in" all the corners, but already it was looking better. Then, another hour later, I had a very soft green wall and ceiling.
I have a darker color green that I plan on using on the woodwork and cabinet. I think I'll wait until Aaron gets back from his trip--or next week when the kids are home for spring break. That will take a bit more work, as there is 12 layers of paint, and I'm sure there is lead paint involved somewhere.
At least I can shower in peace now, and not feel that I should be putting on my go go boots. :) Oh, and the globe light will eventually have to go, too. That's next on my list of bathroom stuff to do.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

HOUSE Pictures

Finally, at least one photo of our home. Loving this house, and all it has to offer. Sure, there are some things that need to be fixed or replaced, but it's good enough to call home.

This summer is going to be a busy one. I have several fruit trees, grape vines, and berry bushes on order. So on top of the garden, and remodeling the house kitchen, and building a canning one (in the barn) we are going to barely have time to breathe.

Speaking of kitchen remodel. I have my new dishwasher and microwave sitting on my back porch waiting for us to get started. I'm having a lot of fun dreaming and sketching what we are going to do.

back yard

Our back yard. Soon to be the home to several fruit trees. I have North Star cherries, elderberries, cranberries, pear trees and grapevines on order. We're trying hard to figure out how to water them clear out in the boonies. Currently, we're on the lookout for 5 gal. buckets to water them. 50 gal. barrels to store rain water in, and mulch, LOTS of mulch to keep them moist once planted.

The barn

Aaron's been busy creating his workshop. He plans on building it out in the barn. Every spare minute that he has, he is out there working. He took out the stabled areas and put up beams to open the space up. On the floor, he filled in the "drain hole" meant for the milking cows, with concrete.
The last 2 weekends we made a trip to our favorite store "RESTORE" in Mason City. This is a not-for-profit store where items are donated and proceeds go toward Habitat for Humanity. We found 3 doors that came from a school in Mason and 8 qualtiy double hung windows there to put into the barn. Also, some fixed windows that we are planning to use in a wall separating his workshop from my kitchenette in the barn, too.
Aaron got busy doing windows. He took out the little 12 inch windows that were there, and put in two of the large double hungs that we purchased. It brightened up the space so well. He plans to put two more on the other side of that ladder, and 4 windows in the loft. The sooner he gets this workshop finished, the sooner I'll get my kitchens (yes, that's plural!)