Thursday, May 17, 2012

Getting POWER!

OK, so we're not actually getting power, but changing the way it comes to the house.  Yesterday, MidAmerica came out to change the pole that sends it to the house. 

It really was quite the site as they pulled the old, dilapidated post out of the ground, drilled the new hole, and placed the new shiny post into the ground.  The electricity to the house never flickered once.

As you can see, Sawyer was enjoying watching the men work.  Hopefully, he has as much fun today, as today is when the BIG work happens.   MidAmerica will be burying the cable that comes from the bright, shiny new pole to the house, and then we have an electrician coming to bury it from the house to the barn and garage.  Oh can hardly wait!  No electricity for the rest of the day, and possibly tomorrow, too.

In the meantime, I keep knitting.  I'm so enjoying the socks.  I have a fire red pair on the needles right now.  Matthew claimed them as his.  I think if I bound them off right now (not even to the heel yet) he would be happy.

No kitchen yet.  We've talked with a cabinet maker, and was told "all or nothing" as for building goes.  We were planning just one at a time, to keep the debt low, but with that attitude, I guess we'll go to Menard's and buy stock cabinets!  I am studying how to do concrete countertops though.  That would be a DREAM!

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