Monday, July 2, 2012

Finding wallpaper

 We're finaly getting some work done in the kitchen.  We purchased an above range microwave to replace the old-timer one that came with the house.  There had just a light and vent above the stove, so that meant we had to do a little bit of moving and sawing through the brick on the outside to move the vent up to accomodate the microwave.  It also meant that we would need to start taking old cabinets down and putting new ones up.

A real pretty french wallpaper was hiding behind those cabinets.  No, I don't think I would want it in my kitchen today, but I do like the green.

Aaron started cutting the wall out for the new vent.  Looks like a big hole, but it got all filled in.
Fortunately, Aaron had the boxes built and an idea of how he wanted to hang the microwave.  With some figiting, and holding on for dear life, we finally got it hung.  The box on the right was just a bit bigger than we were thinking, so we had to take the next cupboard down. 

Look closely at the paper we found behind the stove.  That was hiding behind the backsplash.  YIKES!    I can't imagine cooking in a kitchen that wild. 

Now, to get the shelves in the boxes.  Everything that was in the original cabinets is sitting in tubs on my dining room floor.  Aaron has the next few days off from work, so hopefully we'll get that done.  Hopefully we can get the plumbing done for the new dishwasher and sink, too, so I won't have to mop the floor after every load of dishes.  :)

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