Thursday, March 1, 2012

The barn

Aaron's been busy creating his workshop. He plans on building it out in the barn. Every spare minute that he has, he is out there working. He took out the stabled areas and put up beams to open the space up. On the floor, he filled in the "drain hole" meant for the milking cows, with concrete.
The last 2 weekends we made a trip to our favorite store "RESTORE" in Mason City. This is a not-for-profit store where items are donated and proceeds go toward Habitat for Humanity. We found 3 doors that came from a school in Mason and 8 qualtiy double hung windows there to put into the barn. Also, some fixed windows that we are planning to use in a wall separating his workshop from my kitchenette in the barn, too.
Aaron got busy doing windows. He took out the little 12 inch windows that were there, and put in two of the large double hungs that we purchased. It brightened up the space so well. He plans to put two more on the other side of that ladder, and 4 windows in the loft. The sooner he gets this workshop finished, the sooner I'll get my kitchens (yes, that's plural!)

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